Exciting 1st Season to Plan – Spring is nearly upon us.

An exciting new season is just around the corner – Spring is nearly upon us and a new season of growing is about to begin.

And with a new season on the doorstep what better time to get out in the garden and begin putting new life into the compost.

The end of the winter months is a great time to tidy up the greenhouse ready for the seasons ahead.  Perhaps even do a few repairs or two. Once you have completed this why not set to at home, preparing your pots ready to display on your patio area at your very own retreat in the country at Faringdon Grange.

Pots are a must on any patio and specially to display spring, summer, and winter bulbs and at Faringdon Grange your patio will be awaiting a splash of colour to enhance your lodge.  A great way to bring life to your alfresco dining area.

Some like to have colour and are meticulous at ensuring the bulbs are planted ready for the seasons ahead and what a great way to display all year round colour.  Whether its crocus and daffodils in the spring, lilies or freesias throughout the summer months, with their highly perfumed fragrance and even through to autumn with cyclamen and gladiolas bringing warmth and variety of colour to even the smallest of patio area.


  A beautiful array of colour can brighten any patio or open area

You may like to branch out and indulge in grasses to ensure you have all round colour and a couple to test are Pheasants Tail or Sedge Grass bringing an all-year colour and greenness to any pot.

Your private patio at Faringdon Grange and also the area around your own hot tub could become your piece of paradise and the envy of your holiday neighbours.

Bringing a little piece of home to the exterior of your lodge will lend itself to a home from home, a second home in the country and will personalise your lodge and make it stand out from the rest.

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