Faringdon Grange – 5 Famous TV and Film Venues Nearby.

This is only a few of the popular tv and films to be filmed in and around the Oxfordshire area.

Steeped in history, the whole area surrounding Faringdon Grange has made for many a nostalgic and historical backdrop.

The famous (and sadly deceased) John Thaw with Kevin Whateley as Sergeant Lewis, could be seen walking the streets of Oxford, United Kingdom and more recently Kevin who took over the role when the series became Lewis. A great day out to walk in their footsteps not far from the park.

More recently Harry Potter scenes were filmed in the area. Many scenes were filmed around the Oxford area and some of the storylines were shot around the Bodleian Library and two colleges: New College and Christ Church College.

A little further away stands Blenheim Palace, where scenes for the BFG, Transformers 5, Spectre, Cinderella and Mission Impossible were filmed. What a fantastic experience to find Daniel Craig or Tom Cruise, spending a short break in the area. An autograph hunter’s dream come true!

With Downton Abbey being filmed at Bampton, Midsommer Murders filming in South Oxfordshire and the beginning of the idea of Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carol all famously linked to the area, and all not too far from Faringdon Grange, you never know who you might meet on a visit to Oxford , the Cotswolds or Blenheim Place on a day trip to the local area.

(Image courtesy of Flickr)

There are plenty of sightseeing tours on offer if you would rather be chauffeured around this famous area. Taking in the nostalgia, taking a selfie or two. Harry Potter Tours of Oxford, Inspector Morse and Lewis walking tours, CS Lewis and Tolkien walking tours and Blenheim Palace, Downtown Abbey Village and Cotswold tours all available to book online nearby . All this fame and nostalgia right on the doorstep waiting to be explored.

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